Diseases diagnosed in cats

For cats as for humans, there are many pathologies of varying severity or frequency.

At Yomy, we are interested in the diseases most frequently diagnosed by veterinarians in the context of their daily practice, in order to be able to better prevent them.

If nutritional deficiencies have almost disappeared and accidents are less numerous, our domestic cats remain very exposed to 3 major families of diseases: obesity, kidney disease, and urinary disease.

The most common disease for cats is obesity

A recent study found over 40% of cats in France to be overweight². This corresponds well to the feelings of practicing veterinarians.
Hence the growing interest in feline nutrition, in the context of preventive medicine.

Did you know ?

Weight gain in cats has the same origin as
in humans: a daily caloric intake that is too
important in relation to energy expenditure.

To prevent your cat from becoming overweight, you have 2 main levers: Increase its level of activity and measure the calorie intake it needs in order to give it the right amount of food.
You can also act on 2 complementary levers: play (which has the double advantage of consuming energy and reducing stress) and the satietogenic effect of its food (quality food containing all the micronutrients it has need, and bulky foods).

In conclusion

The most common diseases in cats are related to overweight, often associated with insufficient hydration. Monitoring your cat's body mass and hydration is an essential part of protecting her health.
Your veterinarian, as well as Yomy, are there to help you.